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3rd-4th May, 2018


5th-7th May, 2018


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IAPOP Conference 2018 / 5th - 7th May, 2018

Process Oriented Psychology Ireland CLG, hosted the IAPOP RESEARCH CONFERENCE ‘ New Frontiers in Process Work:Embracing the Edge’, in the Royal Marine Hotel in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland. Thank you so much to everyone who attended and shared their wisdom, knowledge, insights and skills with each other…

For more information please contact us at conference2018delegates@gmail.com

New Frontiers in Process Work: Embracing the Edge brought together a host of international and Irish presenters & delegates, with an exciting and innovative programme of key note speeches, symposiums , presentations and workshops. 

As part of the programme we are held two exciting events – 

‘Democracy Doc Theatre’  with Elena Margo & Molly Flynn, took place on 5th May in the Carlisle West Hall. For more information on what Democracy Doc is all about, go to democracydoc.com. 

‘Encounters in the War Zone’. a Process Oriented photography and video installation by Yeşim Özben, ran from the 5th and 6th of May in the Portview Suite.

We also had some wonderful Poster Presentations in the Mezzanine on Saturday and Sunday from 17.30-18.30:

Please scroll down and see our Conference Programme for Days 1,2 & 3. Please make sure to click on all the options to see the full range of events!

Check out all the amazing speakers and presenters here on the website (don’t forget to click on their name to go straight to their biography).

Drs. Arny and Amy Mindell gave the keynote speech on the first day of the conference, “Your World Leadership Pattern” (1 Hour Speech And Questions” and held their own seminar on 3& 4th May , titled ‘Why Were You Born? Let’s Find Your Deepest Dream + True Spirit To Help Yourself + Our Troubled World ….’. Scroll down for further information on this exciting seminar.


IAPOP is an international Association of practitioners of Process Oriented Psychology, who associate out of their shared values, vision and goals, as well as support for diversity, creativity, relationship and the exciting range of research and practice within our professional community.

The Association supports collaboration and sharing research, experience and ideas in the evolving field of Process Oriented Psychology, and its relationship to a wide range of fields from psychotherapy and psychiatry to mind-body medicine, conflict resolution and organizational development. IAPOP also supports continuing education, giving and receiving feedback among practitioners, and promoting diversity and shared standards among our training programs in Process Oriented Psychology internationally.  For more information please visit www.iapop.com


Conference Fees

Donor 525 Euro
Standard 425 Euro
Social 350 Euro
Global 150 Euro

There are four different rates: donor rate, standard rate, social fairness rate, and global fairness rate .

We are glad that some of you can afford the donor rate. With that you contribute to common welfare and to the direct social redistribution. Thank you!

The standard rate gives you the opportunity to celebrate your privilege of earning an appropriate income in this society and adequately co-financing the work of the organisation in Ireland, as well as of the facilitators. If you have personal wealth and/or you live in a country with stronger economy than Ireland, you are invited to contribute to social balance by paying donor rate.

The social fairness rate applies for those with below average income and without personal wealth (compared to Irish standards). The social rate is cross-financed by the participants with the donor rate.

The global fairness rate is for those living in countries that are disadvantaged in the global economy (e.g. most of the Eastern European countries as well as Greece, Latin America, Africa) and who have neither high income nor personal wealth. Excluded from global fairness rate are citizens from economically powerful countries, esp. USA, Canada, Middle, Western and Northern Europe, Australia, Japan, China and Taiwan. If you have any questions, please contact us at conference2018delegates@gmail.com

As a reference you may look at the list of mean national economic power. or to the list of average wage. Global fairness rate should mostly be preserved for countries of lower than 50% of Germany.

Another reference for your choice may be the typical fees you receive or pay in your country for one hour of therapy or supervision:

  • more than € 100,-: donor rate
  • from € 65,- till € 100,-: standard rate
  • from € 40,- till € 65,-: social fairness rate
  • below € 40,-: global fairness rate

We are living in a world of severe economic inequality. Delegates from developing countries and countries who have been affected by the global recession may need support to attend this conference. Please consider donating to our fund to help with fees and accommodation for delegates. We very much appreciate your support.

New Frontiers in Process Work/ Embracing the Edge. We have an amazing programme, thanks to all our wonderful Presenters! Please scroll down and see our Conference Programme for Days 1,2 & 3. Please make sure to click on all the options to see the full range of events! Check out all the amazing speakers and presenters here on the website (don’t forget to click on their photo to go straight to their biography).

Peter Ammann

Processwork in cutting-edge research in neuroscience

People in minimally conscious states are in a fluctuating, altered state of consciousness (ASC) showing minimal but definite behavioural evidence of self or environmental awareness, yet are still not

Racism: How do we talk about it? Making a mess together.

Racism is an issue for everyone. We know that having a conversation about racism can be scary, messy and painful. In this space we, will share about the messes

Poster Presentations in Lobby from 17.30-18.30

Melina Angel – Reconnection  Andrew Carroll - ‘Painting From Your Core’  Lynn Lobo and Venetia Bouronikou - Dreaming into Community: A Graphic Guidebook to Worldwork  Conchi Piñeiro -  Process Work for Environmental
Lily Vassiliou, Conchi Piñeiro and Raúl Rodríguez

Go Deep

Go Deep is a game developed by several organisations in different countries under an Erasmus + partnership. Go Deep won the educational innovation award granted by GENE in 2017.
Sebastian Elsaesser and Peter Frör

Intensive Care Unit: Unique Learning Spot in Frontier Situations

Our research project is related to extreme states and coma in the context of life-threatening situations in intensive care units in technologically advanced hospitals. Since 1997 we have co-operatively
Adriana Vásquez MACFOC, MCC- Colombia Luis Fernando Valderrama MACFOC,  PCC - Colombia

Raising Leadership: Using a Process Work Approach for Leadership Development

In this workshop, participants will experience the use of Process Oriented Psychology working in the evolution and development of leadership in different scenarios, communities and organizations; involving people in
Eva Karia

The Beauty and the Beast

This performance tells of my personal exploration of internalised sexism and compulsive eating., exploring this theme through a process-oriented lens: unfolding the figures, discovering the gatekeepers, stealing gifts from
Reini Hauser, Ruth Weyermann and Thierry Weidmann

Results of a Swiss long-term Outcome-study involving Processwork

Together with 11 other psychotherapeutic training institutes, the Institute of Process Work (IPA) in Zürich has participated from 2006 – 2012 in a large-scale research study of Out-patient Psychotherapeutic
Clare Hill & Liz

That was then…this is now.

A multi-layered approach to working with traumatic childhood abuse and its interconnectedness with the complexities of the psychiatric system and psychiatric treatment. Journeying together over an intense 12 month
Liudmila Serbina

Work with Fairytale: Fairytale therapy

The fairy tales of all nations are a form of transmission of the experience of generations at a deep metaphorical level. This workshop explores how to use the metaphorical
Drs. Ellen & Max Schupbach

Conflicts, Crises, and Community

Communities (like individuals) that have witnessed conflict and crises teach us lessons of resilience and sustainability, and can show new ways of relating personally and as groups and organizations.
Lea Misan


When a body calls to presence’ explores what a particular traumatic historical event or experience elicits in us, lodged within our bodies. From a field perspective, it focuses on trauma

Poster Presentations in Lobby from 17.30-18.30

Melina Angel – Reconnection Andrew Carroll - ‘Painting From Your Core’  Lynn Lobo and Venetia Bouronikou - Dreaming into Community: A Graphic Guidebook to Worldwork Conchi Piñeiro -  Process Work for Environmental

2 WINGS TO FLY, A Process Oriented Approach to Trauma

This is an introduction to working with interpersonal trauma.  It is teleological, field based, deeply democratic and includes a video, with time for questions and discussion. I cover basic definitions and maps
Vanessa Reid and Yitzhak Mendelsohn

Building Containers for Post-conflict Processes

How do we re-integrate citizens back into community after collective and societal-level conflicts and war? How to create intentional spaces and containers that hold deep and healing interactions, beyond

Worldwork 2017: Studies of Inclusion and the Effects of Group Process

Worldwork 2017: Studies of Inclusion and the Effects of Group Process Rationale. In the current global climate of rapid social, political and cultural change and upheaval, understanding the skills needed
Lena Aslanidou, Vera Lardi, Alexandra Vassiliou

Genuine Reactions: a Dialogue on Homophobia and Transphobia

What are homophobia and transphobia? How do gays, lesbians, bisexual and transsexual people experience it? How do their families and the educational community experience it? What is the role
Midori Hirai & Zora Subotic

Reconnecting with Self-Love

In this self-experiential workshop, we would like to offer creative space for exploring and rediscovering self-love, while dealing with complexity of Trauma and Love. Coming from very diverse cultural backgrounds
Vassiliki Katrivanou

From Process Work to Politics

Lessons on leadership during the era of the Greek crisis  From my experience being a Member of the Greek Parliament for four years (2012-2016) in a country in the midst
Vicki Hendricks & Rho Sandberg

Transitioning from Therapist to Coach

Join this symposium to learn more about how and why coaching is capturing the interest of Process Work therapists and practitioners. As our community seeks to create change in the
Mike Fitter and Jeni Vine

A New Approach to Cohesion in the City

Sheffield Cohesion Advisory Group in co-production with Sheffield City Council has developed a new approach to cohesion in the city.  Businesses, council services, police, educational establishments, community and faith
Gill Emslie

Responding to the call Deep democracy: an essential perspective

The underlying intention to facilitate ecological sustainability and social justice constellates thousands of mutually beneficial self-organising networks responding to a deep calling to facilitate global change and our human
Alan Richardson

Conference Conclusion

Concluding address to delegates by Alan Richardson, Co Chairperson of IAPOP
Jill Brierley (UKCP; Dipl.PW; Accredited EMDR practitioner, ret.) & Sara Hollwey (Reg.Clinical Psychol.P.S.I; I.A.H.I.P; I.A.C.P; Dipl.PW)

How to Bring the Depth of Dreaming into Mainstream Psychology: A Practical Curriculum

This is an experiential presentation giving a flavour of the curriculum from the core text The Inner Camino. Synthesizing the depth of Process Work, Eastern and Western Spiritual traditions,

Workshop / 3rd & 4th May, 2018

2 Day Seminar with Arnold & Amy Mindell

May 3& 4 Drs. Arny and Amy Mindells’ Workshop

Why Were You Born? Let’s Find Your Deepest Dream + True Spirit To Help Yourself + Our Troubled World 

Royal Marine Hotel, Marine Rd Dublin, Ireland.

Registration for the Seminar begins at 9.00am  on the 3rd May in the Pavilion Bar in the Hotel.

Time –  10.00- 13.00 & 14.30-17.30 each day.

Helping yourself and the world works best when you have a sense of why you were born and what your most basic patterns are.We realized from world-wide practical experience with thousands of people, including world leaders and world tensions, that everyone has a Healer + Leadership pattern. Yet most of us are rarely sense those crucial patterns.

Therefore, we will seek, find, and explore these patterns to answer deepest questions such as: WHY WERE YOU BORN? and HOW CAN WE FIND +USE YOUR MOST CREATIVE, UNPREDICTABLE POWER?

Day 1. WHO ARE YOU? WHY WERE YOU BORN?  Patterns Of Your True Nature

Day 2. YOUR LEADERSHIP PATTERN + Power For Personal And World Relationships

Expect new ways to process Personal, Relationship and World Issues.

Contact in Ireland:  Workshop organizer, Grace Walsh and others;  info@processworkireland.org

To register and pay for this seminar, please go to www.processworkireland.org  or contact Grace Walsh at info@processworkireland.org

For Drs. Arny and Amy Mindells Schedule go to  http://www.aamindell.net/schedule/2018/5/ireland-iapop-conference http://www.aamindell.net/schedule/2018/5/ireland-iapop-conference

Workshop Hosts

Dr. Amy Mindell

Keynote Speaker

Dr. AMY MINDELL is in private therapeutic practice in Portland, Oregon and teaches in

Dr. Arnold Mindell

Keynote Speaker

Dr. ARNOLD MINDELL, or Arny, is also in private practice in Portland, Oregon, and

IAPOP Membership Meeting / May 8th

IAPOP Training Council Meetings / May 9th & 10th

Please contact Alan Richardson or Viktoria Saat to register your interest in attending these Training Council Meetings.

Blog / Latest articles from our contributors

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Amy Mindell
Dr. Amy Mindell
Keynote Speaker
Dr. Arnold Mindell
Dr. Arnold Mindell
Keynote Speaker
Dr. Max Schupbach
Dr. Max Schupbach
Keynote Speakers
Vassiliki Katrivanou MA
Dr. Ellen Schupbach
Dr. Ellen Schupbach
Keynote Speaker


Cathy Bernatt
Cathy Bernatt
Eero Peltonen
Eero Peltonen
Eva Karia
Eva Karia
Iona Fredenburgh
Peter Mascher
Peter Mascher
Mary O’Neill,MA Art Therapy
Stephan Müller
Kate Jobe
Kate Jobe
Workshop Presenter
Freema Luwisch
Andrew Carroll
Kara Wilde M.A. & Suzette Payne
Elena Margo & Molly Flynn
Elena Margo & Molly Flynn
Workshop Presenters
Lily Vassiliou, Ph.D
Lily Vassiliou, Ph.D
Workshop Presenter/ Moderator
Mark O’Connell
Gill Emslie PhD
Raúl Rodríguez Gregorio
Raúl Rodríguez Gregorio
Workshop Presenter
Workshop Presenters
Go Deep Team
Go Deep Team
Workshop Presenters
Workshop Presenter
Midori Hirai & Zora Subotic
Midori Hirai & Zora Subotic
Workshop Presenters
Grace Walsh
Grace Walsh
Open Forum Team
Geraldine Halpin
Geraldine Halpin
Open Forum Team
Eileen Moore DIPL PW,RPN


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